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  1. kkba says:

    I haven’t entered competitions for a while and a couple of weeks ago on the weekend spent some time entering comps for around an hour. Last week I won $150 wine voucher and a DNA genetic background test. It has motivated me to start entering comps again. Bring on the prizes!!! 

  2. aussalmon says:

    Today I opened my mailbox to find I had won a competition on for a stunningly beautiful book called Mother by Marianne Vicelich. Thanks to this site for telling me about the competition!

  3. hollykov says:

    I have won a few things over the years from competitions I’ve entered via this site, all wins have been mostly ‘small’, like a Cook Book, Blender & more recently a Prize Pack it Children’s Board Games. All prizes have been of awesome quality, arrived quickly & have been put to much use. 
    I’d love to win a bigger cash prize, or a holiday somewhere down the line..but I’m incredibly grateful for the prizes I’ve won, and they make it well worth time spent entering. 
    I generally enter competitions for about 15-30 minutes each day, 3-4 days a week at the moment, since I have a lot of free time on my hands. 

  4. mwegener says:

    Won a trip to New Orleans via this site. Turns out people do win these things! β˜ΊοΈπŸ™Œ

  5. m_anfield says:

    Won a trip to NZ for the family! worth $8,500

  6. nadine50 says:

    Started entering competitions about a month ago. Very hit and miss ATM, just do a few every 4 or 5 days.
    Won a grinch prize pack worth $250. Thought that was pretty amazing but have now won a competition to the magic millions polo event on the Gold Coast worth $6000, I’m over the moon. 

  7. archiesitch says:

    Won a $200 wine and cheese platter!

  8. ChristalB says:

    I started entering comps just over 2 weeks ago, and I’ve had my first win! An Ayam product pack!
    I love that this is a free site and has lots of comps on offer. I enter at least a few a day. Thanks Win-free-stuff!

  9. Tara86 says:

    I am so excited! I won the Hack My Holiday competition with Big4 Parks and won 2 nights accommodation in a cabin at any park in Australia. Can’t wait to take our little girl away for a summer getaway!

  10. chezza26-32 says:

    in the past month I have won a fantastic cooking set valued at $1200 thebiggest prize I have ever one I was so excite and it will be put to great use .I have also won a smiggles prize valued at $60 which I will give to my grandson

  11. samwake2035 says:

    I joined a few weeks ago and won a family pass to smurfs I enter the competitions that stand out to me 

  12. starbuckvidel says:

    Hi, I’ve only ever won on 25 words or less. A razor, and a couple of dvds.

  13. says:

    My five year old son just won a sip n sound straw from modern brands! It’s a straw with a horse on it that neighs when you drink. Great way to keep them hydrated in summer ? Just started entering competitions less than two weeks ago! 

  14. shanemmy says:

    We recently won $2000 cash in a social media competition.  Won a few prizes this year. Pretty  happy

  15. flocof says:

    I won a scented soy candle from the Myer 12 days of Christmas give away

  16. rusty4013 says:

    I won a leather footy with my name on it!

  17. shanemmy says:

    I won a Lego  next Knights dvd and $50 worth of Amazeballs protein balls

  18. shanemmy says:

    I recently won a family pass to Monster Truck show and family meal deal at Wendys

  19. Teressa says:

    I signed up about a month ago, and so far I have won a couple of DVDs, twin passes to a comedy show, drinks and nibblies at 1806 for two, and double passes to Australia Drinks Festival. Good luck fellow competition enterers.

  20. Lebossy_05 says:

    How do I know if I entered a compitetion? 
    Also how do I know if I won something? :)

  21. CloneTrooper699 says:

    I started about a month ago, Iv won 2 double movie passes, 4 DVD’s and a torch.

  22. phoebe99 says:

    Can someone tell me where we find our member number?

  23. haggis1982 says:

    It’s been a while since my last prize but have had three wins in the last fortnight :) -Dinner for 2 with wine at a nice restaurant-$100 voucher for my favourite sweet shop-Double pass to the Dog Show in MelbourneHope that’s a bit of inspiration for everyone – good luck compers!!!!!

  24. shanemmy says:

    I won a $200 Hairhouse warehouse voucher in a Radio valentines day competition. Hoping to win some more prizes this year

  25. sundolphin86 says:

    I was winning one or two things a week for a while for months, but am currently in a massive prize doubt! baaaaaah!

    • AAnna says:

      I’ve won a few movie tix so far this year… enjoy your wins and let others win for a bit :-)

      • sundolphin86 says:

        Sooo … happy to say the prize drought is finally over and I had a winning week this week! 
        * Double pass to see 10 Cloverfield Lane * Tickets to the ballet * Some beauty products from Pure Destiny * Tickets to the comedy festival

  26. AAnna says:

    Over the last 2 years I’ve only won 2 double passes to the movies, this year so far nothing… any hints?

  27. wendyrose123 says:

    New to this site, wondering what are real competition and what are not?????

    • sundolphin86 says:

      I have won prizes from the following sites/businesses – BC Dental, Dog’s Life, Little Red Pocket, The Body Shop, Bub Hub, Child Magazine, Unleashed, Smooth FM, Viva Photography, Hip Little One, Mum’s Delivery, Beyond Bank, Garnier, NJT Blogger, Provoke magazine, Myer, Casa de Karma, Health for Life Kitchen and Bupa … so I can vouch for those competitions being legit! 

  28. parkins.15 says:

    Package arrived a few days ago with two DVDs in it and it didn’t register that I had won them since its been a good two months since I had entered as I gave up so it was a nice surprise after ringing the company and she told me I won them, will be getting into entering again and hopefully 2016 is the year of winning. Good luck everyone 

  29. sozer123 says:


  30. vinh24 says:

    hope i will win of anything

  31. chookas95 says:

    G’day everyone πŸ˜€ okay so I’ve been on here for 2+ years and still to this day I am a little cautious about some competitions lol
    can anyone tell me if they enter everything or if they avoid some competitions that look kinda shady etc haha?? 

  32. Heypreston says:

    I haven’t won anything, just received a heap of telemarketing phone calls 😐 Hopefully my luck will change soon.

  33. Cynthupacki says:

    Hi, I’ve been comping hard on and off my whole life. Decided to give it a serious go. So far have won: * Tickets to sweetfood (A melbourne sweets and dessserts festival)* Tickets to wiggles* Cosmetics from Coles* Sippah straws* A $50 voucher to Big Sistah Little Sistah. Have entered HUNDREDS of competitions. 

  34. hillhome says:

    My Son won a trip to the USA through a school age competition that was listed on here last year. 

  35. sundolphin86 says:

    In the first couple of weeks, I won free teeth whitening, a book, a $100 drink card for a bar in the city and a $100 gift card from the Body Shop. 
    And this week I didn’t win anything! Nooooooooooooo. 

  36. bec443 says:

    i won you computer

  37. bethanyalexandrarose says:

    I know I only recently posted but since then, I’ve one a $100 Westfield certificate, two beautiful hardcover cookbooks, a novel, a cooking basket, and THE BIG ONE – flights, transfers, accomodation, some food, festival tickets and various other little things in a week long trip to the Whitsundays in QLD!!

  38. gottabeintowin says:

    Recently won “A Year’s Supply of Pringles Xtra”! They arrived the other day :) okay, so I was going for the major prize, but 70 packets of Pringles is still pretty sweet!

  39. anias22 says:

    Hey Guys Ive only been entering comps for a few months here and there and recently won a $10,000 TRIP TO CROATIA through a store product, also won $300 lorna jane vouchers, $200 sunhut vouchers, all store produc comps,

  40. bethanyalexandrarose says:

    I started just one week ago and have already won a DVD, a $50 gift certificate and a Barbie Doll!

  41. paulgiles77 says:

    I won an Estee Lauder pack (including the Advanced Night Repair & Micro Essence Skin Activating lotion. Woo hoo! Thanks WFS

  42. npower says:

    I won a $150 myer voucher :)

  43. Pir_Elli says:

    Been a member for a while and it is fun but have won a box of vitamins, an iPad and some perfume. It is great fun and a nice surprise when you get an unexpected parcel.
    Lovin’ it.

  44. SHABBY says:

    Anyone got any tips for 25WOL,I have NEVER WON ONE OF THOSE!!!

  45. KKupa23 says:

    how do you know you have won something

  46. sozer123 says:

    I know I only posted a few weeks ago but I saw something in our mailbox when I was walking home from school I ran it was a parcel with my name on it I won Paddington on DVD this website is the best website ever

  47. jaezz66 says:

    I entered for just over 4 weeks now and won already double pass for movie film, Estes Lauder cosmetic , DVD and female cosmetic bag with products :0)

  48. Kez-wants-a-win says:

    I’ve been entering for over a year, but i’ve only won shampoo and conditioner. How do people win so much?

  49. MATTHOTLIPS says:

    Managed to win a Panasonic washing machine last month – probably the second or third comp I entered – very happy! Thanks WFS

  50. sozer123 says:

    I entered a few months ago a few comps but didn’t win anything then I went on a few weeks ago and entered lots of comps yesterday we got tickets to x+Y movie awesome win gonna keep entering lots of things

  51. suomiav says:

    Ive only been comping for about a week and already won a double pass to insurgent and a $35 voucher to hellofresh food delivery service! love this site! its much nicer than the other comping sites ive seen. πŸ˜€ may luck be with you fellow compers!

  52. charlotte27 says:

    I just won a pair of ‘frozen haviana’ themed thongs. arrived today in the mail! sweet as.

  53. GraceElla says:

    I joined this page a few weeks ago and started entering competitions.
    I was so excited last week to find a parcel on my doorstep, it was a My Little Pony Prize Pack.. needless to say my five year old daughter was thrilled..
    I look forward to more things to come in the future.
    You have to be in it to win it!

  54. parkins.15 says:

    I started the new year by entering competitons daily and after a whole month of spending an hour each day entering I finally received a true blood season 7 DVDs in the mail. I was so excited and happy, now I’ll be entering again and hopefully I can win more ! 

  55. alison5008 says:

    Hello fellow compers :)
    I started comping just over 2 weeks ago and to be honest I was a bit dubious if I would actually win anything but I have already won 5 prizes!!!
    2 pairs of cinema tickets
    2 lots of beauty products (Lush & Olay)
    And a DVD box set of ‘Party Tricks’
    I love doing the 25 WOL on the bus into work in the mornings!!
    Also, just like to say this is a great website on finding the best comps :)
    Thanks Alison

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