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Have you won a prize?  Big or small it doesn’t matter, share the excitement of your latest win today!

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  1. KazzarM says:

    I used to comp a number of years ago on a regular basis but signed on here just a few days ago. I received a double movie pass today for Did You Hear About the Morgans. Pleased with such a quick win.

  2. brymik says:

    have been entering comps for a little over a month not expecting to have any wins yet but just wondering do they notify you of a win or does it just get sent to you.

    • DisneyFavourite says:

      I had a DVD received straight in the post with no notification – not even a letter from the provider; I also won a 12 week challenge pack from the radio which I recieved a phone call from.  I guess it just depends who is running the competition.  Look in the terms and conditions and it will usually tell you how the winner is contacted.  Good luck

    • jazlovestoskate says:

      sometimes they’ll send it straight to your address, other ones will e-mail you or give you a phone call to confirm your delivery address and details

    • angieyuen says:

      Some prizes get sent straight to your address.
      Some let you know via your email, then they send it.
      Or a letter , sometimes sms to let you know where to pick it up.
      Good luck and have fun.

      • brymik says:

        thanks i thought thats what would happen just worried if im not home and something arrives

        • angieyuen says:

          Make sure your mailbox is locked.
          They have left packages by the door in the past unattended (which the couriers aren’t suppose to do)
          So I just stick a note on the door to let them know they have to leave a notice in the mailbox if no one answers the door and don’t leave parcels unattended.
          Good luck and may you have a mega win!

    • Trippsy25 says:

      Each competition is different. Some will just send it out (usually with smaller items) and some will notify you directly (either by email or phone call). I think that if you win something “big” you will probably be notified…

  3. justmesteve says:

    have been on here and entered every comp for 3 months and not one thing not even a movie ticket starting to think its all BS

    • Trippsy25 says:

      Stick with it mate… It will pay off eventually. Whether it be big or small, you will be rewarded for perseverance. Good Luck!

    • angieyuen says:

      Its not BS….really 
      Whe I fist started I was getting really annoyed with no wins, then all of a sudden it comes.
      Don’t obsessively think about it, just enter, have fun and then forget about it.
      Whatever comes is real bonus.
      Also make sure no one is stealing your mail. 
      I have had 7 wins in less than a month, with the best so far being $3500 road bike.
      I wish you lots & lots & lots of good luck
      This is a  really great site with genuine comps. 

    • kimandbev says:

      I know how you feel. I have dedicated the last 3 months, 2 hours a day to entering comps and havn’t won a thing. Starting to back off and loose interest now. On the other hand, Congratulations to everyone who has been winning :)

  4. Trippsy25 says:

    Notched up another small win… Double pass to the movie ‘The French Kissers’. Its the second double movie pass I have won within a week. Im excited….I feel there may be a big win just around the corner…lol who knows but fingers crossed.

  5. baggybum says:

    what a suprise when opening my emails this morning..i won a competition, boy i am so excited about..thanks free stuff..hope to win some other prizes down the track..

  6. juliajgffjhfghna says:

    how do we enter the competitions?

  7. shbro1 says:

    Today I received two DVDs in the mail for entering a Better Homes and Gardens comp. The DVDs were Britney: For the Record, and Keeping up with the Kardashians Collection. Not bad!

    • shbro1 says:

      Oooh, I just checked V Music website and I’ve also won tix to Where the Wild Things Are! They haven’t arrived in the post yet, but that’s not surprising at this time of year! I’m really thrilled!

  8. CandiceCarey says:

    have been comping on and off for the last two years, generally when i’d get really bored and had only previously won a hamper – this was all – mostly due to that i was 17 and couldn’t legally enter most competitions. I signed on with and a week later i recieved confirmation via the mail that i’d won a glamour shoot and prints with Viva to the value of $300. not huge but always welcome, so keep at it and enter as much as you can.

  9. WonderWoman says:

    Howdy folks. YAY! got a couple of tickets in the letter box this morning to see “Where the Wild things Are” which is a FANTASTIC surprise, much better than a bill that’s for sure.
    Still waiting for my prize hamper to arrive. Does anyone know how long it takes especially during this festive season also what happens if i’m not home when the postie drops it off? I have a theiving neighbour so am worried about anything left on my doorstep.
    Happy day:)
    Cheers and good luck.

  10. Dambrosio says:

    Hi guys,
    After two months of entering competition I gave up because I didn’t win anything but yesterday I recieved my Cricket game for WII so I’m back.

  11. shbro1 says:

    Wow! I just won a $250 voucher to spend at Sauvage on swimwear and lingerie. It wasn’t a comp listed on this site, as far as I know, but just wanted to share anyway!

  12. Trippsy25 says:

    Yay! Had my first WIN! Twas a small win (Double pass to see the movie Nowhere Boy) but boy did it make my day. 
    Been comping for around a month now so was hoping to get a win or two soon. Definatley going to keep it up and go for something bigger. Onwards and upwards.

  13. mareece07 says:

    I have been entering comps for about one and a half months and had my first win today – a dvd – just a little win but sure made me happy.  I was starting to lose hope but you have to be in it to win it!!  So back online entering as many comps as I can.  Goodluck everyone!!

    • elafrost says:

      Hi, i found that site three days ago and im entering all comps like crazy, hopefully wont need to wait too long for the results :)  i wont to winnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn !!!!!!!

  14. 250chris says:

    havnt won anything yet

  15. domi2468 says:

    Hi “compers”,
    I started entering competitions via Win Free Stuff two months ago and it’s great!
    The 1st thing i won was a VIP Paintball package for 16 of my mates, and just today I recieved a double pass to go see the movie “9”. Sure, I haven’t won anything like a car, or an overseas holiday, but I’m only 14!
    I love the feeling of winning! So I’m still gonna enter competitions for more!

    • Hi domi2468,

      Glad to hear you enjoy the site and have had some wins.

      Just remember to check the Terms and Conditions before you enter the competitions.  Many have restrictions on age in that you have to be 18+ to enter and claim the prize.

      All the best,

      Win Free Stuff

  16. Mangie says:

    Just wanted to tell you about my wins.  I was comping for at least 4 months solid, two hours a day and only now things are starting to come through. I have won a childrens book, a custom framed sunrise from day of my choice, a DVD and a toddler clock.  Im so pleased, maybe one day the big one will come through but the last 3 weeks have been magical with wins.  Dont loose hope people, keep comping it just sometimes takes time.  Good luck all xx

  17. kimandbev says:

    Any chance, some of you lucky winners, can give an insite on how to best answer 25 words or less ?. I have been entering comps for 4 months now, and havn’t won a thing. Feel a little dishearteded, although happy for all of you who have done well :)

    • debham says:

      same im starting to think im never going to win and its a waste of time! can sum1 plz convince me otherwise

    • stass1 says:

      there really is no trick to it, its all about how the judges are feeling on that day as to what they like, some like rhymes, some don’t, some like truthful ect ect. Have a read of the pointers on this site theres some good advice in there. What i do is I keep all my 25WOLs that way I have a record of what works and wht doesnt and it also helps start you off with others. Like with everything practice makes perfect.

    • mirasolreyes says:

      im still waiting for any win too….we just have to cross our fingers and hope for the best…good luck!!

  18. stass1 says:

    woo hoo loved my parcel man today, I won one of the Virgin Blue Nokia Adventure holidays. I received a Nokia 6710 Navigator and a voucher for a $2500 adventure holiday. Super Happy! Total Value $3129

  19. alybella says:

    Yay! My 1st win *ever*!!  Only a small win but am still very excited! 😛  Got an instant win on a blu-ray dvd

  20. stass1 says:

    What a fantastic week, just had an instant win for a copy of Paramore’s new album. $20, very happy.

  21. stass1 says:

    Just found out I won an adventure pack worth $1,026. Great end to the week.

  22. m1ke says:

    won 10 dvds of the chasers war on everything. that season 1-3. i was so exited

  23. WonderWoman says:

    Won a toy hamper the other day which is wonderful. I’ve entererd over a hundred competitions. I’ve won a couple of prizes throughout the year before i found my way here. It’s interesting watching answers left in comments. I laugh out loud at some of them so am very curious as to what judges are looking for. Its very competative thats for sure. I don’t think its as easy as it looks because the 25 words answers give me a headache sometimes:)
    Anyway DON’T GIVE UP and GOOD LUCK!

  24. jayden.zac says:

    Hi i won a years supply of TIM TAMS YUMMMeee

  25. mirasolreyes says:

    ive been a member for about 4months now..i still havent won anything yet??!!…do you have any advise?

    • kimandbev says:

      I know how you feel !. I’ve been on this site for a few months now, keep reading everyones wins, and I am yet to recieve a thing !. Starting to feel a little disheartened !. Can anyone give some suggestions on the 25 wol comps ?. Feel I may not be giving myself much of a chance ???

    • stass1 says:

      Keep entering and double you’r efforts if you can.

  26. coldchivas says:

    i won a trip for 2 adults and 2 kids to disneyland you had to spend $30 at target on disney products to win there was 30 winners i can’t claim my prize cause i lost my recipt what a load of shit! if anyone has a target recipt dated 1st to 15th of october 2009 to the value of $30 or more on disney products please contact me at i need that recipt to claim my prize i’m willing to pay a fee for your recipt thanks. today only 10th december 2009

    • missyball says:

      hi there coldchivas did you get your receipt for disneyland? my heart went out to you a dream come true many of us would love, hope its all gone well for you

    • buzzie says:

      If you paid with a card – credit or debit – and you have a good idea of which day you made your purchase, then Target are able to produce a duplicate receipt.  Cash registers are just computers and all stores keep both receipt rolls and computer records for years.  Go back to the store and ask if it is available.  Good luck!

  27. sash75 says:

    hi every,, i entered about 80 comps last mth and did win a thing, some one send me there luck….lol….

  28. SmileBeeHappy says:

    I won the latest Hp Pavilion touch screen Laptop last week and didn’t find out till yesterday… It was a nice suprise!

  29. melesina says:

    I have won the paintball competition and i’ve only joined in 4 days ago!! 😀
    Definately going to have alot of fun with my friends!!

  30. Applepip2612 says:

    No WIN as yet but staying positve I will have my day soon!!

  31. stass1 says:

    Hi everyone,
    Found out earlier today that I was one of the lucky winners in the 9am competition, I won a holiday to new zealand for five days.
    Total Value: $11,400 and im still in shock!

    • Peachie says:

      Hi Strass, congrats on yet another win. I don’t understand how you can win soooo many comps? Whats your secret??? Are you are shareholder or something!!!HAHA

      • stass1 says:

        As I’ve said before there is no secret, its all about luck, persistance and how much free time you have. With this one I entered every single day, and didnt think I had a hope. I enter a lot of compeitions each day and dont get bogged down in waiting for that phonecall or email, it takes time. Im grateful for anything I win no batter how big or small, yesterday I received a disney beach ball in the mail that i had no idea id won and i certainly enjoyed getting it.
        My advice is dont expect to get anything and there wont be any dissapointment.

  32. jas93 says:

    just won 16 VIP passes to paintball. going to go for my birthday. gonna be so fun!!

  33. shivaz says:

    Just won some kids books :)
    Wasn’t the major prize – but a win none the less, and the kids will love them!

  34. mummanik says:

    I’m so very excited about this win (but I get excited about all wins!), I have won a months supply – 30 pairs of Lovable undies value $508!!!!!  I found my name on the who website as a winner, and emailed them about it, apparently they had sent an email, but I never got it, but I should expect my prize in a couple of weeks!!!
    Also anyone else win a prize that never arrived, I won movie tickets two weeks ago but they still have not arrived.  I guess it all the extra christmas mail, making delivery slower, by the time they arrive the movie will be finished!!!

  35. debbiea652009 says:

    hi everyone i signed up about 3 weekes ago and i  like alot of you never win a thing ….but i got an email saying i had won a paintball thingy, and discovered it is not real mmmm ooooh well keep trying

  36. gayemcinnes says:

    I have only been entering competitions on this site for 2 weeks and have won two lots of double movie passes and a double DVD pack. After being unemployed for a very long time it is like winning the lottery. Made my xmas a little brighter.

  37. vandab says:

    OMG!!  Just had a call this morning from Bolle – I’ve won a $500 prize package!  So thrilled!!  Thats the second win in 2 weeks!!!

  38. Hi Everyone,

    Thanks for the feedback on that paintball competition.  We have taken it down.


    Win Free Stuff

    P.S.  We think we got the right one, if you still see it up on the site, let us know.

  39. stass1 says:

    I’m having an excellent start to the month, received an email this morning to say that Id won a copy of Bakugan: Battle Brawlers for Wii from Bigpond. Very happy. Total value is $79.90.

  40. stass1 says:

    Hey all,
    Just had an email (WEM) to say that I had won one a $50 Caltex fuel card, it was in the Choice survey for car of the year. Very happy.

  41. Trippsy25 says:

    How many competitions do you have to enter on average to have a win?
    I see many here claim to have a win in the first 2 weeks…just wondering how many your entering to achieve this. 

    • stass1 says:

      How longs a piece of string really? You could enter one and have a win or enter 100 and not win a thing. If your name is selected you win, if you have the best answer you win. Its not a numbers game, but it certainly helps to have a lot of entries. At the moment ive entered roughly 500 compeitions and have won just under $1500 in a little over three weeks. Incidently I had my first win within the first three days. As ive said before it takes patience and a heck of a lot of skill and usually money.

      • Trippsy25 says:

        Yea Thanks. I know it is a hard question to answer (with so many variable factors) but I think you did well…twas helpful.
        I’ve been on for a week and have entered at least 50 or so, so I am not entering at the most vigorous of rates but Im hoping it will be enough to see some kind of result within the first month and a half. Fingers crossed.

  42. says:

     I just joined a week ago and all ready i have won a BMW, a World Cruise and a House

  43. Grego says:

    Has anyone won a Video Hits Prize?

  44. tina14 says:

    I won a double pass to see “Where the WIld things are”.

  45. vandab says:

    Just joined about 2 weeks ago.  Just won a Twilight New Moon Prize Pack which includes tickets to the movie which I am dying to see.  Absolutely thrilled!!

  46. mummanik says:

    Hi, just had my 2nd win this week.  Double pass to The Boys are Back, with Clive Owen.  Was a Who comp.  Pretty excited, cant wait to see whats next!!

  47. nyssa_noodles says:

    Hi!  I started entering competitions last Thursday and have already won a Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles DVD set, so stoked!  Hope to win more!

  48. mummanik says:

    Im so excited, just had my 1st win, and have been using this site for about 2 weeks.  I got a phone call and the guy asks what i love about queensland – I was on the radio, and had to repeat what i had written in my answer “I love moreton bay bugs on the barbie at shorncliff with my family”!  So I won a family pass to Dreamworld and whitewater world for next friday where the radio will be brodcasting live with free breakie.  My 2 boys are going to be so excited, they keep saying I want to go there!!
    Now I cant wait for all the prizes to start rolling in!!!

  49. stass1 says:

    Yay just won a Hangover Pack one copy of the dvd and one in blu ray, valued at $89.95. Very happy with the win, hopefully more to come this week.

  50. lilibellea says:

    Just found out I won a year supply (12 pairs) of Puma sneakers from Been entering competitions for the past 4 months and haven’t won anything.  This is really exciting.  It was one of those answer a question/draws competition.

  51. tvr-27 says:

    ive been on this site for only like a week and i just found out i won an abba cd compliation- all of them!!! im so happy, it was by chance that i stumbled across the abba comp- and i won! i love abba :D:D:D

  52. Tara1 says:

    First I’d like to say how great this website is!  Of all of the sites that I have visited that compile a list of available competitions in the one spot for easy access, this is by far the best one.  I love how you can click the ‘tick’ or ‘cross’ icon so you can remember which comps you’ve entered and which ones you’ve decided you were’nt interested, it beats having to go thruogh the whole thing again only to realise you already entered it and then disqualified yourself by entering it again.  Then if you find a competition similar you can check back on thiss website to see if it’s the same one, and then decide to enter it if it’s different.  This website is so much easier to navigate than others.
    I have been entering competitions for a few weeks now and I have WON a paint ball experience with my mates.  But I had a funny feeling about it & asked one of my friends who likes to play skirmish frequently, he said it was not a win at all.  He said where he goes its much cheaper.  I think that that particular competition is misleading, it’s more like “give us you details and we’ll send you an invite to come play skirmish at a discounted price from what we normally charge”  So I probably won’t use it.  I hope that doesn’t sound negative, I just don’t want to pay to do that, though I’d do it if there were no cost at all involved
    I think the “25 words or less” competitions are the ones that you are more likely to win.  These ones are based on skill not chance.
    I enter quite a few competitions but in my mind I enter them, forget about them, and then leave it at that.  If I don’t win it doesn’t bother me, I probably have forgotten about them anyway, & I had a fun time and even doing some brain training trying to think up 25 words or less, then if a win comes along….it will be a nice surprise, because I probably forgot about that one too!
    Have fun with it guys, don’t take it too seriously, and don’t give up your day job.  :)

  53. lindaw says:

    I received today season one of Sanctuary on four dvd’s autographed by Amanda Tapping and another member of the cast (can’t make it out!!!)  Can’t wait to watch it!!!

  54. caronlee says:

     Entered heaps of stuff,havent won anything, very disappointing

    • angieyuen says:

      Me too! I never win anything yet.Heres hoping.
      I wish both you and me good good luck before Xmas! 

    • stass1 says:

      just keep entering there are thousand upon thousands all trying to win the same prizes as you!

      • angieyuen says:

        In the last few days I won my first two prizes! OMG so exciting …2X mobile disco cds and two tickets to see Human Nature and Smokey Robinson….Cool!

        • angieyuen says:

          I just got back from a short trip away and returned to find a big parcel waiting!
          A prize pack containing story books, stuff toys,etc for the kids.
          Thanks! : )

          • angieyuen says:

            I can’t believe this.Another win, this time a $3500 road bike.
            I feel so lucky….
            Thank you, thank you , thank you.
            All from your website. Your the BEST
            Merry Christmas. May we all have many more fabulous wins to come!

  55. matthewpet says:

    I won a double pass to ‘Julie & Juila’!! It was great 😀

  56. danbrady says:

    I haven’t won anything. Yes mad

  57. gimmeegimmeegimmee says:

    Hi!  Can anyone tell me whereabouts on this site I will find the winners for the day?  I am relatively new to this site- not competitions, and I know I saw it last time I logged on.  Has it disappearred?  HELP anyone.  Must be due for a win haha

    • Hi Gimmeegimmeegimmee,

      As we don’t run the competitions, we don’t post the winners.  We just list as many competitions as we can find.

      You would need to go the site of the competition you are interested and check with them.


  58. oc_melissa says:

    I won a double pass to Moonlight Cinema :)

  59. stass1 says:

    Im happy to announce that I got a WPC late this afternoon to let me know that I won the recent QRI compeition and won a $500 Coles Myer Voucher, 1year membership to the QRI and 7night holiday to Queensland, est value is $1200, very happy with my latest win. :)

  60. Grego says:

    Been here a few months and a M&M breakup clock arrives on my doorstep. Very happy as it is fist thing I have won.

  61. tina14 says:

    I just won a double season pass to the moonlight cinema.  Very excited!

  62. saffronrubee says:

    I’ve only been a member for a few weeks. I first won a DVD that just turned up at my door, and have just won a custom designed beanie!
    I enter almost every competition unless they require payment and I have fun doing it even if I don’t win! Winning is always fun though!

  63. Peachie says:

    I have entered so many competitions & never won a thing!! Anyone else have the same problem? Sometimes feels like they aren’t real!

    • gimmeegimmeegimmee says:

      I know exactly what you mean and I am in the same boat as you, it seems.  Never won a thing.  Im not gonna give up-no way.  I will post as soon as it happens, so dont you give up either.  Its not whether it will- its only WHEN haha.  From gimmeegimmeegimmee

      • stass1 says:

        Its not as easy as some television programs make out, when you say you’ve entered heaps are you talking 50-100per day??? as thats what people are doing when they are serious, I know of compers that take it as a full time job! It takes, time, patience and a heck of a lot of skill.

        • gimmeegimmeegimmee says:

          Wow- 50-100 a day?  No, I dont do that many, but I do about 40-60- per day.  I just pick out the best, not all of them.  Plus I only want to work part-time haha

      • mirasolreyes says:

        same here…i havent won a thing yet…i’ve been a member now for nearly 2 months..nothing is happening. Im not going to give up though

  64. Lennice says:

    I joined a week ago and I won 4 movie ticket to a preview screening of “Cloudy with a chance of meatballs” in 3D

  65. stass1 says:

    Just a small win, but second one for the week, so Im very pleased. Just won a Hoyts movie voucher in the V Comp. $15

  66. SOMBO says:

    I only joined a few days ago and have won a trip to MIAMI!!!!!!!!!! I still can’t believe it. Just got the call this morning and still on a high.

  67. lachlansmyth says:

    As I got back from my holiday in Thailand I scan through all the unread emails I had. One catches my eye– one that reads: “You have won a PSP Gran Turismo Pack!”.
    I was really excited, as it was the first thing I had won in years…  :)

  68. tina14 says:

    I just received a doulbe pass to see Genova.

  69. stass1 says:

    Hi all,
    I just thought Id let everyone know that I only joined last thursday and yesterday received an email to inform me that I had one first prize in the “Gifts for Blokes Christmas Comp” valued at $152.95. Im pleased with my win and looking forward to more to come.

  70. Grego says:

    How long does it take for the competition hosts to notify you of a win?

  71. ashling_gordie says:

    I recently won tickets to see the box. I have won over 10 movie tickets this year – but am aiming for something bigger like a trip! they seem almost impossible for me to win though :( any tips for ppl who have won?

  72. dreamer says:

    Hi everyone, only joined yesterday, entered some competitions. Entered Triple M movie ticket give-away, my name got called out today on the radio and I won a family movie pass to see Where the wild things are. Easy to enter, just listern to the radio and have friends and family listening as well so you don’t miss out. Looking forward to winning more comps in the future.

  73. merijon says:

    i’m only new to this site and can only hope i see a early win like some of the previous bloggers!! fingers crossed luck may just come my way afterall…

  74. mirasolreyes says:

    how do you get notified when you win?

  75. Mladja says:

    I have only joined this site now – and will see how lucky I am -:) and what ever I get it will make me happy-:)

  76. luckychi says:

    Well im a newby to comps, thanks for everyone on there tips, advice etc. In the last month I have won double tickets to astroy boy, an education – and as of today theatre tickets to a play in the cbd – how exciting best of luck to all.

  77. kazza23 says:

    I have only joined this site a few weeks ago and today won a paintball game for 16 friends! thats fantastic!

  78. chanaz13 says:

    I have only been on the site a few weeks and won Paintball for 16 ppl…. my partner is stoked!!!

  79. tina14 says:

    I won a double pass to see Julie and Julia (runners up prize from  It is my first win after comping here for a few weeks.  Hopefully more to come.

  80. treebytheriver says:

    never won anything in my life before, just won a game of scrabble!  It’s the only board game in the house that is not from the Op shop. Hopefully next time it’ll be the $30,000 caash eh??

  81. A big congratulations to S.Francis of Caulfield South, Victoria for winning our “Win A $500 Shopping Voucher”competition.  He was very suprised and happy with the win and choose the $500 Coles\Myer voucher as his prize. 

    Thank you to everyone who entered our first competition, it was a huge success!!  Make sure you keep an eye out for our next competition in the not to distant future.

  82. Doole says:

    Hi All,
    I’ve just joined myself. Like they say You got to be in it to win it, So enter all the comps you like. You will never know if you don’t enter it if you are a lucky duffer.

  83. lynna says:

    Only registered with win free stuff 6 days ago, just won 2 tickets to go see Britney Spears, my kids will love the show, magic happens!

  84. Baghira says:

    Hi, I joined this site 6 weeks ago. After 4 weeks I was lucky and able to claim my first prize: A Fortiori cookbook pack (5 lovely cookbooks). I’ll definitely keep going – you’ll never know what comes next :-)

  85. woodlisa says:

    I have fairly recently joined the website and have entered heaps of competitions but haven’t won anything yet. I’m just wondering roughly how many competitions you may enter to how many you win?? ANyone??

  86. KHarris says:

    I only registered on this site around a month ago and have won so far, movie tickets, theatre tickets and a GPS. I am stoked! Thank you very, very much.

  87. luckyl18 says:

    Hi everyone, Just wanted to congratulate Win Free Stuff on having such a great site!! Particularly, it’s refreshing and inspiring to see the Win Free Stuff people congratulate you on your good fortune in this winners corner!!! I signed up today and look forward to maybe one day winning something… The only negative side is I am an 18 yr old and not independent, so many surveys concerning home loans and spouses do not apply to me :( Thanks again and please include more basic competitions not requiring surveys if possible… :) cheers

  88. sibraa says:

    I entered some competitions yesterday and today WON A VIP ENTRY PAINTBALL PASS. Yihaaaa!

  89. lindaw says:

    I won a Fast & Furious dvd for my hubby today!!!  I have had a very good run with comps the last few months but never thought to post my wins here.   This site by far the best for competitions. I luv it!!!!!

  90. chrissy166 says:

    I just received a double pass to see Adam. But it’s not playing anymore lol. Oh well at least it works!

  91. lucky14 says:

    won a years supply of tim tams yeah

  92. poppylover09 says:

    Hi, Im new to the site, it’s really great! This week Ive been really lucky! I won a double pass to see Beyonce in concert and a 3 park fun pass for the Gold Coast and a DVD! I am so lucky and am really enjoying my new pastime!! Lisa :)

  93. kerm222 says:

    I haven’t won anything yet but I’m still entering as many as possible & keeping my fingers crossed. One thing I’d like to know is with the 25 words or less, whats the secret to winning those?

    • reef0005 says:

      Secret is be as creative as possible, judges like well thought out unique answers.

    • reef0005 says:

      I won a great prize 2 weeks ago..a trip to LA!! This included 5 nights accommodation in LA, $1000 spending money and a stylist for a half day! I won this through a magazine and had to answer a question in 25 words or less. I still cant believe it, I’m going in December.

    • lucky14 says:

      hope you win something soon…….there is no real secret though i suggest you take your time when writing them, you can maybe make it into a poem or something to catch there attention, try to be creative………hope that helps and goodluck

  94. lucky14 says:

    i won an ANGELINA BALLERINA 3 dvd pack……….this will be perfect for my cousin whos birthday is coming up. YEH

  95. lauras224 says:

    I won two prizes recently.  I won a conservation trip for writing an article for an online magazine.  Valued at $208 it was 4 days 3 nights with meals provided and I also won a $300 Guess watch from a local publication.  Lucky week for me 😀

  96. chuxtc says:

    Got a movie pass from B105 in the mail yesterday to Aliens in the Attic and an email from MyFun to say I won a DC comic Pack for Girls.

  97. eric says:

    how long after the comp has closed, does it take for them to reply.

  98. eric says:

    how do you find out whether or not you have won??????

  99. rolemodel133 says:

    how many people actually enter this comps ?

  100. lauras224 says:

    I entered a competition on the site and one a sunshine coast holiday.  It includes:
    2 nights in the coolum hyatt regency, 2 whale watching tour tickets, 2 tickets to the ginger factory and 2 tickets to underwater world.  I’m so excited I can’t wait to go.

    • seadancer1 says:

      Congrats, I hope you really enjoy your holiday. I’ve been comping now for about two months but my only win is a DVD…(sigh)…just have to keep plugging away I guess!

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