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Have you won a prize?  Big or small it doesn’t matter, share the excitement of your latest win today!

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  1. DisneyFavourite says:

    I won a DVD.  I’d just arrived back from a holiday in QLD and there was a package awaiting me.  Very happy end to a great holiday :-)

  2. says:

    stumbled upon this few days ago and just won a designer lamp worth $250 soooo happy

  3. travodo88 says:

    I won a diamond ring from shiels, all thanks to Win Free Stuff prompting me to enter everyday.

  4. dirtyd says:

    i did not win

  5. india_ says:

    WOOHOO! DVD pack consisting of 5 new releases! Couldnt be happier 😀

  6. slmus1 says:

    I won a GHD hair straightener! So excited, cant believe it

  7. shanneene says:

    I got email saying I won the John Sands pack worth $200, and also an email saying I won a cosmetics pack. Haven’t got them yet, still waiting. I also won tickets to see the movie, Love Is All You Need, with Pierce Brosnan. This site is great.

    • shanneene says:

      Just got my John Sands pack in the mail, as well as the cosmetics pack. I also got surprised with a Winx Club DVD from and a 3 pack OPI nail polish prize.

  8. C_Aitch says:

    I won a 25 WOL comp – three small bottles of bubbly and a DVD, yay! :)

  9. Winchelsea says:

    Today I won a Nudie fruit juice pack from one of blog/rafflecopter websites.

  10. shanneene says:

    Another win. I won double passes to see the Hendrix live at Woodstock event :)

  11. shanneene says:

    I have been entering into competitions for two days now (I’m a newbie at this) and I checked my email to find that I won a double pass to see a preview screening of Pitch Perfect. :)

  12. Winchelsea says:

    Won some Mentos lollies and a $20 iTunes voucher.

  13. lalaboo says:

    Hi all,
    I just started this whole comp entry. I figure that you got to be in it to win it right?
    I have never ever won a thing, does anyone have any pointers?

  14. zachary5andabby3 says:

    it is very good

  15. krissy82 says:

    I have had some luck since I got serious about comping (about two or so years ago).. I picked up full time work so leave it mostly to holidays but I have won $500 worth of Tuppaware, 1 hour red carpet limosine experience for 10 people (so much fun), sports prize back, razor/skin care, sexy pack, cot… It’s been worthwhile…
    My tips – when entering comps in the supermarket I only take the ones that require postal address so I can “pretty up” envelope.. Put in some effort (take a photo etc) but keep it real. My three year old recently won her first colouring competition because I let her go wild with the textas whilst I was getting ready and let her stick a feather on it… Have fun!

  16. Boganville says:

    This past week I’ve been touched by the Prize Fairy’s Wand (and clearly touched in the head if I’m hallucinating) and have won a wrapping paper gift pack, a gift pack from a plant nursery and some t-shirts.
    *does my Happy Dance*  

  17. jenni1000 says:

    does anyone have any good tips for 25 wol? Do you find it best to rhyme?  

    • Boganville says:

      Only if you can do it well.  I see so many cringe worthy attemps of rhyme with bad rhythm and corny lines. Whether you choose to rhyme or not, you want your entry to stand out. Humour perhaps. Or something expressing an experience you’ve been through that may touch something within the hearts of the  judging panel. Think outside the box.  What are most people going to write, do you think?  So then, write something else. 

      • jenni1000 says:

        thanks heaps, thats great advice :) now just to win that big holiday!!!! 

        • Winchelsea says:

          I’ve won quite a few 25 WOLs – jewellery, dvds, clothes – and I’ve never, ever written a rhyme but I’ve noticed that when people win big stuff like an overseas holiday and the winner’s answer is published, it’s usually a rhyme – and always, in my opinion, pretty stupid, which makes you wonder what the hell the judges were thinking.

    • DisneyFavourite says:

      To rhyme or not to rhyme, feels a bit like a crime!

      • jenni1000 says:

        Do you win a fair few from rhyming? or short and sweet?

        • DisneyFavourite says:

          Hi Jenni,
          I haven’t won anything ever from a 25 WOL however I am working on it – I’ve only been comping properly for about 7 weeks now so I’m still learning!  It really is an art that the more you practice, the better you become.  Also talk to people in your family about it as some people have great minds for funny rhymes or one liners.  The only thing I have won (I guess similar to a 25 WOL) was from the radio and it was a 12 week challenge from the Goodlife gym.  I had to fill in quite a bit of paperwork but just answered it honestly.  I won 12 weeks access to the gym, personal training 1 x week for 12 weeks, club training x 12 (one per week) and state training for 12 weeks.  It was such a buzz, I just answered from the heart.  I know people who have won from rhyming and I have heard that some judges love it, and some hate it, so take your pick!  You can do a google search and also go to lottos website and have a look at where people have posted their winning answers.  Also some people put up their losing answers – some shock me because they are so good that I would be sure they would win – but they didn’t.  Just don’t give up.  I read one post on this site from a lady who had been comping for over 18 months and hadn’t won anything.  Her family gave her a hard time about it and eventually she won a holiday to QLD – so definitely, stick with it.  Good luck Jenni, I hope you have a win soon :-)

  18. brigizord says:

    In the past two weeks I’ve won a few double passes to movies and a mumford and sons cd, decent effort yo. I’ve blooged about all my wins at

  19. Winchelsea says:

    Last week I won a copy of Haywire on DVD and a Boho Betty bracelet.

  20. KSouth123 says:

    I won an iPad the first time I stumbled across this site and have been comping, albeit unsuccessfully, ever since. Even if it’s the only thing i ever win it will be worth it!

  21. Ashiileigh says:

    Yeeesss Yessss Yessss got some Ben 10 TICKKETTS for the little one C:

  22. alexdogg says:

    Hi everyone. dont have a win story just yet but i was hoping for some examples of winning 25 words or less competition entries..

  23. haggis1982 says:

    Hooray! Found out this week that I’ve won a two night stay at Crown Metropol, Melbourne! It’s my first survey prize. Good luck compers :)

  24. tammylouise says:

    I WON A IPAD AND WI FI wooohoo i just received my ipad and free wii fi in the mail today !!! only kidding ;oP

  25. julieratt says:

    Today I won a CD ‘101 Beer Drinking songs’ :)

  26. Winchelsea says:

    This week I won a Horrible Histories dvd and tickets to see My Sister’s Sister.

  27. DisneyFavourite says:

    Hi, I’ve just joined up.  I was wondering if anyone could tell me if they have won prizes online before – the ones advertised on this site?  If so, are you a serious comper and how many competitions a day would you enter on average?  I’ve won prizes before but never off the internet but I’m still hoping.

    • Boganville says:

      Ooooodles since I’ve started entering online (mostly facebooky) and quite a number through here.  And yayy….no postage. 

    • Winchelsea says:

      Agree, most competitions I’ve entered state in the T&Cs that you must be 18 or over.  Best way around this is to use your mum’s or your dad’s name when you enter, that way if you win, they can collect the prize on your behalf.  And, if you enter competitions for things you think they’ll like, and you win, they’ll be very happy with you.
      I’ve been entering competitions for six months.  I saw a woman on TV who entered 70 competitions a week and she’d won holidays, white goods, a car, and electronics, so I started doing that too. I have so far only won things like dvds, movie tickets, a $200 clothing and a $100 grocery voucher, so I take everything she said with a huge grain of salt, but I do win something once a week.  Every day I try to enter a competition to win an overseas trip.  I read somewhere that if you enter roughly 100 separate competitions for a holiday, that your chances of winning are high.  Most people will only enter such a competition once every 3 or 4 months so at that rate, to enter 100 would take 20 years with no guarantee of winning.  So far I’ve entered 60 and can only hope that luck is on my side.

      • DisneyFavourite says:

        Great, keep me posted.  I’d love to hear when you win a holiday.  I saw on the lottos comp site that someone won the Living Room Diary of a Whimpy Kid Competition (holiday to thunderbird park).  Lucky bugger.  I do my best at the 25 WOL but it’s a struggle, some people say do rhyme, some say whatever you do don’t rhyme, some say just be honest – ahhh what to write is the difficulty; I just need to snag a 25 WOL win and at least I would have some idea what is good – at the moment I just know what is not so good (that would be every 25 WOL comp I enter)!  I’m working on it.  Go to be in it to win it.  On the good side I won a 12 week challenge worth over $1200 from the radio earlier this year.  It was great – I got 3 months free access to the gym, weekly PT sessions, weekly boot camps and weekly state boot camps, plus, at the end of the 12 week challenge I won the division for our club which was a $150 voucher!  I felt very lucky and had entered the competition the old fashion way – plain honesty!

  28. brigizord says:

    HEY COMPETITION FRENNNDS! If you check this regularly, then you obviously love hearing about other peoples winning success. I love it too! That’s why I’ve started a blog on comping. It’s my quest to win big. Take a look and you can come on the journey with me:D!

  29. Winchelsea says:

    Today I won a copy of Entourage Season 8 on dvd from (I think) Penthouse magazine.  It was a 25 wol.  You had to describe who you’d put in your entourage and why and I won’t say what I wrote because it may offend people who aren’t tall and slim.

  30. Winchelsea says:

    Won a ‘Walk at Home’ book and dvd pack from Autochic.

  31. kathyallan says:

    When they tell me to enter and it says all you need to do is put your details in but where!!?

  32. iphone5g says:

    hmmmm. Thats funny no one has won an iphone, even though there is a comp every month. Soz for not putting a win story in

  33. bankai72 says:

    I won a $50 JB-HI-FI gift voucher!!! WOOP WOOP!

  34. louieb says:

    Came runner up in the Aust Women’s Weekly Natio comp. I think i entered at least a month ago. What a nice surprise that a lovely skin are pack is on it’s way. I’m hard pressed winning anything usually so I’m really encouraged to keep entering.

  35. Winchelsea says:

    Just received tickets to see ‘Moonrise Kingdom’ but I have no idea where I won them from.

  36. Winchelsea says:

    Today I won a $200 Hakasnapp voucher (kids’ sleepwear) and a $30 Tuffys voucher.

  37. Winchelsea says:

    Just won copies of ‘Ghost Rider, Spirit of Vengeance’, and ‘Call Me Fitz’ on DVD.

  38. Winchelsea says:

    Today I won movie tickets from The Westerner and a box of hair dye from MotherDriven.

  39. Boganville says:

    I’ve just had a ‘Thomas & Friends Wobbly Wheels & Whistles’ DVD turn up.. No note. No return address. Just shoved in a big envelope with 6 stamps that have had a nikko pen line drawn through them (not PO stamped) ??Can anyone shed any light on which comp this might have been from?  I can’t rememer now. (BTW my grandson will LOVE this)

  40. Winchelsea says:

    Just won a book prize – a copy of ‘A Dark Place to Die’ by Ed Chatterton, from Random House (they hold those easy to enter competitions where you just have to read a sample chapter of the book then answer a question).

  41. gellina_69 says:

    What are the chances of even winning anything, I’ve been on this site for ages and still haven’t won anything :( I’m disappointed 

    • Boganville says:

      I have won more comps this year since joining this site, than I have in perhaps the last 8 years combined. So yep, people win!  Stick in there.  Your turn will come. Big prizes like iPads and holidays will attract more entries, so perhaps look for the smaller prizes.  And generally people don’t answer the 25 WOL ones as frequently, so yep, go for them. I generally stick with the first thing that pops into my head.  The more I try to work with my answer or embellish it, the more forced and less noteworthy is sounds.  :)

  42. Winchelsea says:

    I’ve just won a $100 Sussan gift card.  It was a 25 wol competition and I just wrote the first thing that came into my head not thinking I’d win, but there you go…

  43. angel23 says:

    Won Haven complete second season and Walking Dead Top – yay!

  44. lalabarker says:

    Just won Pascalls 25 WOL year supply of chocolate!
    Crazy thing is I don’t even like chocolate 😛 … 
    this was runner up prize… but second win in a couple of months :)
    my entry for those asking what type of answers win?
    I rhymed (but didn’t last time when I won a holiday)
    the question was for adults only chocolate…. where is your mmmmmmm spot
    my response
    “Devilishly Delicious
    Seductively Sweet
    Mouthwatering Magic
    Tantalising Treat!
    My weakness is Pascalls
    My mmmm spot my tongue
    Put those two together
    And I come undone!”
    Hope that helps… good luck in competition land!
    Lala x

  45. Winchelsea says:

    Just won a copy of ‘Man on a Ledge’ on DVD from Triple M.

  46. Winchelsea says:

    I’ve just won ‘The Borgias Season 1’ on DVD.  So happy because I missed this when it first aired on TV.  Also won a copy of ‘Contraband’ from The Viewing Lounge but sadly missed out on the first prize of a trip to LA.

  47. melbcruzer says:

    Hey guys ive entered tonnes of comps and won nothing :( well as far as i know. will the people email you or do u have go to a site. pls help :(

    • lalabarker says:

      Just won Pascalls 25 WOL year supply of chocolate!
      Crazy thing is I don’t even like chocolate 😛 … 
      this was runner up prize… but second win in a couple of months :)
      my entry for those asking what type of answers win?
      I rhymed (but didn’t last time when I won a holiday)
      the question was for adults only chocolate…. where is your mmmmmmm spot
      my response
      “Devilishly Delicious
      Seductively Sweet
      Mouthwatering Magic
      Tantalising Treat!
      My weakness is Pascalls
      My mmmm spot my tongue
      Put those two together
      And I come undone!”
      Hope that helps… good luck in competition land!
      Lala x

    • jazlovestoskate says:

      You need to read the websites terms and conditions for their competition, it will explain everything about it including how wwinners will be contacted. usually it’s by e-mail, sometimes by phone or mail and other times you need to check the site who won, but the answer for a particular competition is in the terms and use/conditions

    • shan87 says:

      you get an email or a phone call 98% of the time if you win. sometimes both. 

  48. mele says:

    Haven’t been on in months, I’m only 15 and im a comper, I like to win free stuff, so far of my career I have only won 2 things, and one of those two came in the post just yesterday, was so excited to see what was in the package as i didn’t expect to have won anything because I went on a break for a while, now I am back at it and have spent my whole day today entering comps, hope to win the Mac pack, happy chomping everyone and good luck 

    • jazlovestoskate says:

      Keep at it, it’s great to see compers of all age! Just remember to ready the terms of use as unfortunanlty there are a lot where you have to be 16-18 years or older!

  49. shan87 says:

    My partner and I win quite a bit, frequently too. We don’t enter every comp with maybe only a couple a day. In the last 3 months we’ve recieved close to 20 prizes ranging from small to pretty decent ones. If you put in the time and effort, it pays of better than entering everything or writing whatever. The chance of winning quick-fill comps are very very slim. :)

  50. adrianscomps says:

    I just have to ask….. has ANYONE won one of those ‘Daily Comp’ or ‘Free Comp Site’ type competitions????? (The ones that always have prizes like an iphone, a laptop, or a tv)
    I’ve enter a million of those and never win anything. Just wondering if they’re a waste of time.
    Sorry to put a question on here, instead of a win story, but I just had to know this.
    Cheers :)

    • Winchelsea says:

      I was wondering about those Daily Comps and Bonzer Comps sites too.  I checked the winners’ list for one of them and it was from 2010!  I’m just wondering if the sites are merely fronts for gathering names and email addresses for advertising purposes.

      • DisneyFavourite says:

        I’m a bit sceptical about the Bonzer site – as I was entering I was wondering if it is legitimate so I put a false email address in, then where it says to repeat your email, I put a different address in, then I deliberately put in the wrong code before submitting….it didn’t pick up that anything was wrong whatsover.

    • adrianscomps says:

      And by the way, no I’m not new to this site, and I have won things in the past, just not from the above mentioned comp sites.

  51. Ashiileigh says:

    Just the other day i won a lovely CD and a voucher to stay in a hotel oversea,,, might give it to someone though!!!! Can’t wait to get something BIGGGG

  52. csokhary says:

    Hi everyone, Im new to this and not sure how how to enter the competetion?  Please advise.  Thanks

    • jazlovestoskate says:

      Hi there, this site lists competitions that other websites are holding, this wesbite is nnot the one who is giving away the prizes, only listing ones to enter on other sites. to enter, click the picture of the one you want to enter, it will take you tothe actual website that’s offering it, from there read whats required to enter, it may be 25 words or less, a random draw, sumbit a picture, ect and enter. make sure you read the websites terms and conditions for there competition as sometimes you can disqualify yourself or might nor even wualify to enter, soem require you to be a certain age or live in a certain state so you always need to check, theyll also have more infor on everything you need so your entry is valid and the prize details will be explained more in the terms and conditions.

  53. Winchelsea says:

    I recently won a 4 month supply of Hairy Lemon (sort of like Berocca).  It was a 25 WOL and I’m unemployed but I made up something about needing Hairy Lemon because my boss calls a breakfast meeting at 7.00 am every Friday; that gives you an idea of how naff a 25 WOL answer can be to win something.  I started entering competitons at the beginning of March and so far have won something roughly every ten days from movie tickets to DVDs, a scarf, some dairy snack, a t-shirt, some chocolate, a magazine subscription and a $100 gift card – nothing spectacular yet, but you really do have to enter EVERYTHING.

  54. jyems99 says:

    Hey everyone, I am new to this wesite and I was wondering if I enter say 20 comps a day how long will it be until I win something or how long did it take you to win something?

    • jazlovestoskate says:

      It doesnt matter how many you enter, there is no answer, it might be none, 1 , 7 all, ect. winning is all based on your chances, if it was a random draw, how many entries you put in and if the judges liked your entry enough to make you a winner, simply entering a ton of competitions does not guarentee any prizes, but the more you enter the better your chances, especially if they are word or less ones and your answers become better. as for random draws, you have a chance, just like everyone else who entered, so no guarentees

    • flamo says:

      Just think to yourself that the speed of result is directly proportional to the amount of entries you make per day. OR my rhetorical answer is how long is a piece of string.

      • flamo says:

        I enter about 50 a day and get stuff about once a month

        • Winchelsea says:

          I also enter about 50 competitions a week, some repeatedly every day and some only once.  I win something small about once a fortnight.  Sometimes I win with only one entry and on other occasions I’ve entered unlimited entry competitions up to 2000 times and still haven’t won, so luck plays a huge part in it.

          • Jadd says:

            Hi, I spend about 1-2 hours once a month entering comps, mainly on this site, and also supermarket promotions. I have won quite a few prizes, a rice/slow cooker, a kettle, toaster, snuggie, dolls house, food, vouchers etc. I don’t think it matters hw many times you enter you just have to be lucky. 
            Ps I beleive the sign up comps are just a way to get your information. And I tend to steer clear of those.
            Good luck.

  55. lalabarker says:

    Hoorah hoorah hoorah!!!
    I just won my first holiday… a three day food and wine cruise with P & O … 25 WOL on why you need a holiday… I have given it to my sister and brother in law as a gift :)
    This site is fabulous!
    Thank you…YAY… 

  56. rosco18 says:

    Hi Everyone
    I’m curious as to the type of entries that win the 25 words comps.  In my experience they generally don’t publish the winning entry!  Kind of frustrating as it’d be nice to know what sort of approach is popular. 
    Thanks :)

  57. Mythica says:

    I’ve won a few things lately – a hair care pack, a candle pack, $500 worth of Rimmel makeup, and a few other little bits and pieces.  Just keep entering EVERYTHING!

  58. keshec says:

    Hi everyone! 
    I’ve been chosen as one of the 48 finalists in The Voice Australia’s kickstart competition and now I need your help, so I can go to Africa and help the wildlife and local communities!
    YOU can WIN an all-expenses trip to Sydney and tickets to The Voice finale by voting too! You can vote an unlimited number of times and maximise your chances of winning the trip.
    You just need to vote here: (I’m the 5th row, second from the left ‘Ke Chow’)
    Thank you SO much!
    btw, this is a GREAT site! So far I have won some contact lens solution, a $50 Myer voucher and been shortlisted for this prize! Best of luck to everyone in their competitions! :)

  59. Cazzgirl28 says:

    I won a Dyson vacuum cleaner for completing a Mix 94.5 online survey!!

  60. Jadd says:

    Hi all, I won a Lundby Dolls House, really great but unfortunately didn’t receive the whole prize, so I have the house, and nothing to put in it. :( 

  61. sjh2181 says:

    well after 18months or more i have won a case of wine in the MS mega home lottery!! Just nice to have a win while supporting a good cause  

  62. Wizard_Camel says:

    I havent won as yet but I will keep persisting 
    Fingers Crossed

  63. Jez.a.bella says:

    Hey guys, I just received a phone call alerting me that I’ve won $5,000. I know, kind of hard to believe, but if you keep on truckin’, you’ll eventually win!

  64. krislee89 says:

    Had my first win after entering comps for about 3 months won a $100 visa gift card for just writing a review. YEY :)

  65. shanemmy says:

    Won a $20 Westfield Gift card through Product Review Australia for being #5 reviewer for March.

  66. pat271 says:

    Wow unbelievable just got my very first win! I won a Suzuki GSXR600L1 SUPERBIKE! After entering these comps for over 12 months and winning nothing you can just imagine my surprise when I was told that I had won this! Just alot of imagination and who knows you can also win an awsome prize like this! I love this site again thank you

  67. says:

    I haven’t won anything this site is useless. 

    • pat271 says:

      Don’t be disheartened! Think about it thousands of enteries for each and every competition listed. Then how many prizes? normally between 1-5 on average and the odds are a little better if the promoter is more generous. Perhaps a little less attention to how many comps are entered and a little more in regards to content. I don’t know? I have been on and off this site for years and won nothing. Not even a movie ticket or a bottle of something. It wasn’t until 2 weeks ago I won something. It just happened to be something big. If I can do it I am more than confident that we can be reading about your exciting win. Hope this encourages you x

    • patches1 says:

      It’s not useless – it’s a matter of patience and completing as many competitions as time will allow. Last year I entered competitions a total of 8,122 times (many mulitple) and won around 120 different prizes. This month I have won nothing. Patience, patience, patience. :-)

  68. Roxie11 says:

    It is a great website, I enter at least 5 comps a months and guess what? I have won at least 3 of them this year!!!!

  69. jure says:

    Please Answer this question. How do you know if you’ve won???????????

  70. jure says:

    How do you know if you’ve won!!!!!!!!!!

  71. juliewalker65 says:

    I got a little surprise when Australia Post rocked up to my house with a pamper package :O Gotta’ be in it to win it. (:

  72. Winchelsea says:

    I won a $100 Wish gift card from the Nicabate competition that I can use at Big W, Dick Smith etc – and I’ve never smoked in my life!

  73. nikkidynamo says:

    Another little win from me, a $100 Wish Gift Card arrived in the mail for me today from a Nicabate promotion. Yay :)

  74. s3competitions says:

    I have been entering for about six weeks and have won two movie tickets and a $100 gift card…. So excited! Gotta be in it to win it :)

  75. patches1 says:

    Just received my $100 Woolworths Wish Gift Card as a weekly winner in the Nicabate ‘Win a Year’s Worth of Petrol’ 2012 promotion. Happy chappy am I. :-)

  76. haggis1982 says:

    Had a great night out at the weekend after winning theatre tickets. A great prize – I’m a theatre student! :) Good luck everyone.

  77. kaylabelinda says:

    how do i enter competitions, im so lost :( haha

    • pat271 says:

      Join the website first! Then log in and start entering, Failing that just click onto the competition titles that you like and it automatically takes you to the competition’s origin. Then simply follow the promts normally just name number and your winning entry good luck look forward to hearing about your wins shortly!

    • Roxie11 says:

      if you want enter a comp you need to click on the prize which is in blue.

  78. nikkidynamo says:

    I just started comping about 3 weeks ago so I was pleased to get an email today saying that I had won a Nutri-Synergy Skin Care Prize pack. It’s just a little win but still exciting. I won it on the letshop website. It was a 25 WOL comp but I didn’t write anything clever, or funny, just told them honestly why I thought I should win it.
    Yay! I’m excited. :)

  79. anneport03 says:

    I had everybody telling me entering comps is a waste of time well guess what I won a holiday for a family of 4 with accomodation and airfares and entry to theme parks at goldcoast keep trying , dont give up

  80. shanemmy says:

    Won a VS Sassoon Wave Envy Hair styler a few weeks ago through Was a nice surprise when the Parcel man brought it to the door. Been a bit slack with entering comps lately, so im getting back into it.

  81. hazza13 says:

    how do you know if youve won????? pls help

  82. flamo says:

    Won Boardwalk Empire first season bluray and a hip flask from Empire

  83. justindrewbieber says:

    how do you enter contest im voting for money ones

  84. patches1 says:

    I just recieved my Budweiser bar mat; Hanna DVD; Keeping up with the Kardashians DVD and the brilliant Frozen Planet 3 DVD collection.

  85. Travis96 says:

    I won a copy of Just Dance 3 on Wii from Random House Books Australia. First win of 2012. 

  86. tejae says:

    I won $1,200 worth of Kitchenaid appliances and a DVD. Love this website :)

  87. feefee80 says:

    won an acer tablet 8 dvds and $1000 westfield gift card——–very happy!!!!!!!!!!!! 

  88. flamo says:

    won the vow tickets.

  89. Ros1e says:

    I won some stickers… My only win in a year. I enter competitions so much, maybe 50 a day, yet I never win. :(

    • Erynnnnn says:

      how do you know if you have won something?

      • adrianscomps says:

        Alot of people ask this, but it sort of seems obvious. You check your emails, what for phone calls, check your letterbox…. mainly emails though (and don’t forget the junk mail).
        If you really wanna keep track of winnings, you can write down the draw dates, but I don’t think most people could be bothered doing that.

    • jazlovestoskate says:

      if you find yourself not winning often maybe change the types of comps your entering, if you feel like your 25 word or less entries arnt winning maybe stick to voting comps or random draws so you dont take up too much time entering :)

  90. han90b says:

    I’ve been really committed to entering comps for about a week now and so far I have won tickets to the movies and some Hills “Smart Pegs”. Only small wins but a good start all the same, it spurs me on to enter more!

  91. taureanchick says:

    I just won the Kambrook, Little Chefs Mini-Burger maker, my kids will be so excited, so far now i’ve won a $1000 cheque, Doors DVD, a Little Sister Book, and now my burger maker. Thankyou soooo much.

  92. Ros1e says:

    Did anyone here win the competition that (I think!) was run by Girlfriend and finshed a few days ago? It was unlimited and there was ALOT being given away.  I entered sooo many times, just wondering if anyone got lucky?

  93. vanessahmarie says:

    I just won another prize. I started entering comps November and so far have won a $1000 travel voucher, a portable blu ray dvd player, tickets to a festival and now I also won a full size soccer table. Very excited…

  94. mele says:

    So I thought it was just this site that I wasn’t winning on because of my age which is 14 so I decided to enter competitions that suited my age so I went to total girl where I entered every single competition and they were all my age group, but when the results came I didn’t win a single thing, and thre was so many prizes, not one, not one single tiny prize I didn’t win at all, so I’m back here to enter but just am not winning am so guttered

    • jazlovestoskate says:

      Hi Mele, if you do enter comps here make sure you read the terms and conditions, as most of them require older entrants and you could be disqualifying yourself, as for kids/young sites with comps, theres lots of magazines with websites like total girl, k-zone, mania, krash, dolly, gf, ect, however i personally beleive there are a lot of comping mothers/parents who would enter FOR there children which is quite unfair and would make it harder for actual younger entrants, but don’t give up!

    • patches1 says:

      Mele, in the seven months I have been trying, I have entered competitions 6822 times. That’s an average of 32 times a day. For all that effort I haven’t won a single big prize such as an ipad, etc. So far this month I have won a single DVD, a sample of hot wax, and two pens – that’s it!
      Be patient, keep trying and look for and enter as many competitions as you can. The prizes, no matter how small will come eventually.

  95. Lady_Byron says:

    I just got delivered on Friday a  prize of a dressing gown from – won via WFS!  Lovely!  this is my FIRST win, so it has spurned me on to keep entering on yr site.  thanks….

  96. flamo says:

    Won day trip to Lake Mountain adventure, tickets to the Descendants & Rodeo tickets!

  97. says:

    ill never win anything. =(

  98. reef0005 says:

    Last week I won:
    4WD Car Hire from Avis$200 Coles Express Petrol Card Esky, Beach Towel, Beach Cricket Set, Sun Screen, Picnic Rug, Bodyboard
    I went on a road trip to Byron with my car hire, awesome prize!

  99. mele says:

    Hey guys, been comping for 3 months now, but haven’t won a thing, I wanna know whether it’s the fact that I’m just 14 because i wreckon my answers for the 25 WOL were just great, happy comping everyone hope I win something soon, 😀

    • patches1 says:

      Mele, many competitions have an age barrier, although some don’t. It pays to read the Terms and Conditions to see if you must be over 18 to enter.
      I have been entering comps for over seven months and have yet to win more than books, DVDs etc. and for the month of December I won nothing, so it comes and goes.
      If you are allowed to enter, keep up with the 25WOL; too many many avoid them because they think they have nothing to say – good luck.

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