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  1. KiraB says:

    I’ve been comping for about 8 months now I’ve won a lot over the past few months! I enter most things apart from holidays/cars – I enter for about 30-60 mins a day.. 
    Latest prizes are – Fishers Price Chair, Dremel micro tool, hop along buddy, 4 different books, rings, a towel, wine, tennis balls :) 

  2. RogueKitten says:

    Got home from holidays to find a 3 movie dvd pack in the mail box, but can’t remember where it came from (no note included) so was super happy to win 3 new horror movies to add to the collection. Then I got an email yesterday saying I won educational plates for my daughter from Mouths of Moms. So super happy with my 2 little wins, and can’t wait to see what the 3rd win will be (luck tends to happen in 3’s after all :D)

  3. whelen22 says:

    hi ive been compitng for 5yrs now and have won over  500 comps, i even had a spot on a current affairs earlier this year, my tips for winning are enter anything and everything, except for major ones that everyone enters ie cars, iphones, ipads major holidays, and i use a program called robo form so i dont have to spend time filling in my details, its all done with a click of the button except phone number, my latest prizes, 36 bottles of coconut water, a pro stick mixer and hamper, cutting bord and knife set, 7 cook books, 21 dvds, a pet pillow, 2yr supply of macadamina oil from thursday plantation, thats just a few, also i have not had to buy christmas or birthday present for the last 5yrs, and what is left over is going to be raffled off and the money raised will be donated to the CFA to say thank you for the great  work you do
    i would like to wish everyone a safe and happy christmas 

  4. shanemmy says:

    Just wondering how long people have waited to receive their prizes after being notified by email or phone? I got an email from a reputable parenting website exactly 2 months ago saying i had won 3rd prize in their big giveaway . 3rd prize was an assortment of items to the value of $800. Most of it was baby items which i no longer have a need for but hey, a win is a win. So i thought maybe theyd send the prizes all together but one day one of the items turned up directly from the supplier of the item. Weeks passed and nothing else arrived. I emailed the woman who had emailed me initially and got no response. Last week the next prize arrived. It was meant to be tickets to the postman pat movie but that film finished months ago so the supplier sent 2 postman pat figures and tickets to a movie that is only on at selected cinemas so i cant use it. 
    Wonder when i can expect the rest of my prizes?

  5. Katrina E says:

    I have just won my very first prize. I’ve always entered comps here and there but have started dedicating about an hour a day for about a month. Today I  won a Remington men’s grooming kit. It’s only a small win but I’m thrilled my husband will get an extra prezzie under the tree!

  6. Emiline says:

    Hi allI’ve entered competitions before but never consistently with much effort, and I have won quite a few things.   I’ve won 25 WOL comps before so it is definitely possible!Anyway, the last two months I decided to sign up to this website and enter competitions solidly in my spare time.  I’ve entered around 4-5 week. I enter photo competitions, 25 WOL, answer questions and free draws and giveaways.  In the first week I won $100 Super Amart voucher,  then movie tickets,  fringe and comedy shows,  more movie tickets,  lollies and beat headphones.  Many of these for being a runner up.  I kept trying… Then, on Wednesday I received a phone call – I’ve won $5,000 cash from a photo competition! My husband and I have been working really hard lately, I work and study nights, so this just couldn’t come at a better time. I’m so happy!Anyway I just wanted to say, if you haven’t had any luck, keep trying! We all have our own strengths so play to those.  Mine is photography and it turns out I’ve had the most luck with this. However if yours is writing, then enter the 25 WOL.  If you’re a creative person, look for creative comps.  I think giveaways and draws are harder to win but you never know, your number is bound to come up after a while.Don’t give up!

  7. dinny67 says:

    An update from October 3rd post I just had my biggest win so far, I won a 25 word or less competition for Lux and I won an all expenses paid trip to Bali for 2 people for 5 nights.  Yay I am so excited and grateful for all the competitions.

  8. bunty123 says:

    I was comping a couple of years ago until I ran out of steam and gave it up. At that time I won a silver Pandora-style bracelet from Vogue magazine and an overnight stay in a luxury hotel. Having recently been off work due to sickness I am back to WIN again. I have noticed a change – lots of comps asking you to ‘like’ on facebook. I’m not a member so miss out there. Not so many supermarket entry forms in store. I spent a few hours last night on a 25wol to win a car, only to read the t&c after I had submitted it to realise you win a months hire of the car, not the actual car! Also another i was just about to go for, a caravan worth $30k to be collected from the dealer – in another state. I’ll be checking the details in future. 
    I was a little reluctant at first to provide some personal details that are required but to be honest, I havent had that much spam and am hoping the only phone calls I get are to tell me I’ve won something BIG.
    I actually love 25wol, such a challenge and keeps the brain ticking over. I like to read other winning slogans and wonder at how clever some people are at creating puns and play on words. My technique is to brainstorm a product and see if I can come up with something different. If it’s too obvious it’s probably been used before. Hopefully I can let you know very soon if I’ve been successful…….good luck!

  9. gavey says:

    hi guys have been entering 4 a while now .have a win about every 6 weeks  so its worth it hang in there remember its a nummbers game ;enter enough u get wins ,say enter about 30 a week.

  10. Kez-wants-a-win says:

    I’ve been entering competitions for ages now, and I finnally had my first win. I had lost hope and stopped entering about a month ago, but apparantly I won shampoo and conditioner 😛 Happy 😀 Although I hope soon I win something a little bigger 😀 

  11. dinny67 says:

    I have been doing comps for about a year, in the last month I have won a complete Skin Care Set,a Queen sheet set, a manicure set and tickets to see Bill Bailey.  Thanks for all the competitions being listed here.  Keep up the good work.

  12. athomo says:

    Have been entering competitions for 5 years – and in past week have won 3 nights in Noosa, and tickets to JT in concert!! :) funny how it can happen all at once! I love entering competitions!

  13. caellw says:

    Been entering for a couple of months now and won a milk bottle with paper straws, a fridge magnet, a stress ball AND 8 cartons of the Nescafe Coffee Sachets.  It was perfect timing as I had just run out of my last carton :) 

  14. shanemmy says:

    I’ve just returned to comping after a big hiatus. Hoping to have a win, big or small soon.

  15. Becbec6 says:

    I won a hair care pack from OGX worth over $120.
    This is the first thing I have ever won!! I love it!

  16. geffa9 says:

    i have been entering comps for 12 months and have not won a bloody thing, so frustrating!!!

  17. Hipster01 says:

    First week back after 12 months away from comping, and I have won a Toosh Coosh BIG kids booster seat and Ebook already (Thanks, first 25WOL comp I have won ever.

  18. whelen22 says:

    the year is only half way through and i have won 33 items so far, they range from 8 dvds, perfume, food hamper, cake mixes, kids knife and fork set,  2 hair dyes,  12 nail polishes  a cutting board and knife set, face creams, scented candles, over the last 4yrs of doing comps i have never had to buy any thing for christmas or birthdays, but my biggest win is having my name go into outerspace to mars and it will not  return untill 2016, i sent my daughter and husband to europe for there honeymoon from one of the prices id won,  so to eveyone out there wishing the best of luck and happy comping

  19. mele says:

    Came home last week and found a box in the front yard with my name on it. Opened it up and it was a Karl lagerfeld perfume. He’s a German fashion designer and I totally forgot I entered the competition in March this year. It was valued at $90 and by far the most exspensive thing I’ve won. I’m only 17 

  20. carajadet says:

    8 months on-and-off (although while on it is very intense as I enter almost everything) and still nothing. Na-da. Zip. :/

  21. kelbeck says:

    I have been entering competitions for about a month and I have won $1000 from Mix 102.3, play-doh disney princess set, 2 children books and dreamworks exhibition tickets
    I was sceptical about sites like this but its a great way to hear about websites that offer great opportunities

  22. EllaMella says:

    Anyone know how to get directly to simple form entry comps?

  23. dooleysam17 says:

    I’m lucky enough to be one of two winners that received Sol Republic headphones signed by Calvin Harris! I’ve never one anything in my life and this was a great way to start!

  24. HanPhillips says:

    I started entering comps 2 months ago and have so far won tickets to a music festival in Darwin, and a “Frozen” gift pack which included bluray keyring books scarves drink bottles etc. My daughters love the pack. 

  25. profs says:

    I have won nothing.

  26. bandit61 says:

    Just won tickets to so you think you can dance final I am so excited my first 25 words or less win !

  27. Dazman says:

    I won my little green cheeked conure a toy entering in the Petalia Jungle Talk Goofy Links. Thank You for posting the comp and good luck to all that enter comps on a regular basis. ;-D

  28. alysewalker says:

    I won about two years ago, I enter pretty often. But all these people complaining about not winning, you need to shush. Theres MILLIONS of people who don’t win….just keep entering and try different sites. 

  29. kayzy says:

    Hi everyone I won a IPad mini with wifi and cellular on the Moccona Facebook page just had to like there page and write 25words or less they picked me as the winner I screamed and cried when I got the wonderful phone call I received it two weeks ago wrapped up in a beautiful white gift box with coffee coloured ribbon tied in a bow plus 4 jars of there award winning coffee to so you have to enter competition I am now all the time I love my iPad good luck you have to be in it to win it :)

  30. Dandelion says:

    Hi everyone, today we won A Months Supply of ‘PRECISION NUTRITION’ Indoor Cat Food for our cat Mosh.  Thank you very much to Royal Canin for a great competion.  Winners are grinners.

  31. HallJessie says:

    I’m a pretty unlucky person but I won movie tickets. Very excited! 

  32. CompQueenSel says:

    I’ve entered the same comps everyday and almost every competition.. For almost 3 freakin year and…  NUTHIN! Yer u gotta be innit ta winnit… Tsk!

  33. atnix says:

    only started on monday and just one business class flights to perth….thanks

  34. troy watson says:

    Sweet  thanks 

  35. troy watson says:

    It’s Is so good 

  36. Wel0024 says:

    Tried for about a year so far. And I’ve won nothing! 

  37. sheldor131 says:

    I won an INXS Pack worth $300 dollars! Biggest win so far!

  38. ausbriscomps says:

    It’s only been about 3 weeks since I have joined winfreestuff and I have won my first competition.
    It was with Southern Phone and the prize is a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1″ 16Gb Wifi
    Thanks Guys

  39. scarlett_5_ says:

    I just won a trip to Hawaii! Can’t believe it.

  40. traceyp45 says:

    I just received a beautiful necklace from Mount Franklin and the McGrath Foundation . . only problem is I can’t remember what I entered or what the value of it is  . . looks expensive . . any ideas??

  41. chezza26-32 says:

    after 3 months I one a cd small but a start

  42. calicocatcharly says:

    My first entry was the 25 word Bonnington’s Irish Moss Comp and I won $1000, trying again!

  43. lterpens says:

    Seems like a lot of comps close at the end of the month… Is that a usual trend? Hopefully I’ll have a bit of a bounty by November seeing they’ll end soon!

  44. natnicholls21 says:

    been entering competitions for about a month with no result was about to give up, in the last few days I have won tickets to grand designs live and a cd prize pack.  Very happy can’t wait to win more

  45. nicniccomp says:

    I started entering competitions last week. I started because I was searching for a competiton to win tickets to Cavalia and I was one of 10 lucky winners! I think I have entered about 100 comps since then and can’t wait to see if I win again!

  46. anneport03 says:

    Competition’s are the best way to win thing’s. I have won 2 holiday’s, printer, camera, and have lost count of all the other prize’s I have won. I have never been a lucky person but keep trying everyone.

  47. badwolf12 says:

    Received an email, from Logitech Australia on Sept 19, 2013, telling me I have won a prize from their Facebook competition, The Ultimate Logitech Giveaway, which I came to know of via Win Free Stuff site.
    The prize includes a Logitech C910 HD Webcam, Logitech H530 Headset & Logitech N315 Laptop Table. I was very happy because I’ve entered several competitions here in Win Free Stuff and never won any until now, which is still a wonder to me.
    So my advice is just keep trying and when it comes to 25 words or less type of competitions, be creative. Write something that stands out!

  48. jdgirl27 says:

    Hi guys only found this site about a week ago, and I have already won third prize, Logitech laptop table and speakers worth $80, so excited hoping for a holiday!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. greenknowe says:

    I won a Hero3 GoPro camera from ITP professionals :)

  50. VodkaandCaviar says:

    Does any win on Facebook likes, I have been avoiding them because I think they aren’t worth the time.  

  51. tand433 says:

    I won an ipad mini , have been trying to win an ipad for a while so was very excited .

  52. ashnalex1 says:

    This week have won, a family dental plan for a year (couldnt have come at a better time!!), a child safety pack and a kids dvd.

  53. VodkaandCaviar says:

    I won tickets to a burlesque show in Sydney!!  I’ve only been entering comps for a week. Unfortunately I can’t work at the moment due to illness so using the opportunity to turn my luck around!  I’m giving the tickets to my friend. 
    I love 25 words or less comps because I love writing!  Hoping to win some bigger prizes. 
    Good luck everyone – hope you hit the jackpot soon. 

  54. libbi001 says:

    just won vw polo from boost 2nd chance draw first big win!!!!!! not bad for someone who doesnt enter alot of comps…. point of story u just might come up lucky… but you wont if you dont enter… keep at it… luck does get shared…spreading the luck ( waves hand) to all reading this.

  55. rorybatman_xx says:

    i dont even know how to enter a comp help please?:) thanks

  56. cassandraleigh says:

    Been entering for about a month recieved my first prize today mrs browns boys dvd not a big win but still very exciting

  57. Winchelsea says:

    Late last year I wrote about how I’d read somewhere that to win an overseas holiday you needed to enter about 100 separate competitions.  I decided to try it.  After about 4 months and entering 111 separate competitions for overseas holidays I finally won a trip to New York and will be leaving in October.  I stopped entering competitions after that but financial difficulties and unemployment have forced me back onto the competition circuit.  I only started entering competitions in the first place because I was unemployed, broke, and had the time on my hands.  This time I’m aiming to win a car.  It’s going to be harder because there are fewer car competitions out there – in the past few weeks I’ve only found 8 – That’s Life, Take 5, charity sweepstakes like RSL, Endeavour, Boystown and the odd supermarket competition but I’m trying to win another holiday as well.  I’d prefer to win a car and sell it for the money but I won’t say no to another free trip!

  58. flocof says:

    Hi everyone, I started entering competitions two weeks ago and so far I have won Family Pass to the movies, a $50 Kmart voucher, A lip gloss and a childrens book! WOW !! Hope I get a big one sometime!

  59. bellviolet says:

    i haven’t won anything cause this shit doesnt work.

  60. cvince says:

    Hey everyone. I entered into a comp to win tickets to Disney on ice for my daughter and found out that we won 4 tickets! Yay! :-)

  61. shelj81 says:

    I just won a private gold-class screening for me and 19 friends for Great Gatsby!! includes gift packs, vouchers and catering! Very exciting!

  62. says:

    I won tickets to the Banff Short Film Festival in Perth 

  63. kandylovesu says:

    ok since starting comps this year i have won,
    revenge box set
    lol dvd
    bourne identity dvd
    tinkerbell gift pack and four tickets,
    oz the great and powerful 4x tickets and two notebooks 2 tshirts.
    tickets to deep purple and jourmey
    tickets to the host,
    tickets to i give it a year
    tickets to silver linings playbook
    pokemon dvd
    pair of fit flops.

  64. greenknowe says:

    I won a $200 Body Shop voucher in a 25 wol comp from The Plastic Diaries blog

  65. msmupmup says:

    Came on this site as stuck in hospital. After entering 60 comps just found out I won a Jurlique hand cream pack. Yay

  66. Layd_amisa says:

    I won a mascara from Maybelline and 2 DVD mini series from Missy Confidential :)

  67. brigizord says:

    Hey ya’ll, I’m a big ol’ comper like you. Check out my blog, which follows my competition wins and daily life:)!

  68. amandaj83 says:

    I won the Cedel Mother’s Day facebook competition and earlier in the year I won Future Music Festival tickets.

    • amandaj83 says:

      This week I won a copy of ‘Gluten and Dairy Free’ from LifestyleFood, a Rimmell mascara from the facebook scandalous competition, and I also won the facebook weekly draw of two bottles of wine from Houghtons. Week before last I had a cold and stayed home entering comps – so some nice surpises!

  69. greenknowe says:

    Won a Maybelline NY Dream Fresh BB Cream :)

  70. mustanggramps says:

    Nothing yet 2 months, not even a R in a brothel lol. :(((

  71. greenknowe says:

    I won a Hotel Transylvania dvd from Femail and a massive book “Flavours of Urban Melbourne” from Mindfood :)

  72. mellyweb says:

    Just got an email saying I had won FX The Walking Dead Survival Instinct game for Xbox! Hubby will be so happy when this arrives :o)

  73. winner1704 says:

    ehello, ive been entering competitions for 4 months and i have won
    1) wakibandz
    2) 4 preview tickets to Diary of a wimpy kid
    3) $110 worth of books
    4) $100 cheque
    5) spot what books
    6) 2 hour timezone package
    7) DVD
    8) 4 Nims island movie tickets :)

  74. 11amy says:

    Just won the le tan pack from the 25 wol competion,YAY! First win ever,just started entering a couple of months ago.

  75. girlonfire says:

    Just found out I won a FESS Healthy Little People pack! Thanks for letting me know about this comp!

  76. ratz19832000 says:

    Just found out and thrilled to say may daughter has won 2 competitions a fasber castell pack worth $73 and a Razor electric scooter worth over $200 she is over the moon :) 

  77. greenknowe says:

    I won a Sukin pack from Healthy Food Guide (I think!)

  78. catshere says:

    woohoo just won 2 tickets to exclusive preview screening of Oblivion at IMAX :) yay!

  79. dinny67 says:

    I just won one of 100 Manicare nail product packets, my first win since I joined.

  80. payal123 says:

    don’t knw i din’t get any email

  81. ratty74 says:

    i just received notification that I was 1 of 7 winners of a Vidal Sassoon iconic hair straightener. I just had to answer which famous person’s hairstyle would I like and why….cant wait to tame my curls!

  82. catshere says:

    Just received a 150 muschroom recipes cookbook in the mail! so excited. It’s my first win and i’ve been going at it for over a month now

  83. jemimah1 says:

    I won a double pass to a preview screening of Broken City, yay!

  84. lateesha says:

    I wish I won something.

  85. Rob1943 says:

    The only contact I’ve had from the heaps of entries I’ve made was a phone call from a female asking what our combined income was ? After explaining we were pensioners the call was dropped like a hot cake ….. so I gather it was a Time Share attempt !  Honesty would be appreciated if any of these so called comps are a front for just selling something !!

  86. rawgem says:

    The downside of entering competitions – I received a call from the Wyndham company, I think I entered a competition for winning a trip at Wyndham Torquay.  They told me I’d won 1000 bucks worth of accommodation – then after about 5 minutes also said that I would save ‘up to 60%’ of the full price so I would still need to put in my own money, and I would also need to go and see an ‘obligation free’ special presentation about their business, time share, etc…. Ugh. So I’m not even going to trust ‘winning’ a competition because of these scammy fake wins! Do people here often receive dodgy calls from companies if you enter a lot of competitions?

    • nullarbor59 says:

      We won a Wyndham package, but it was only money off so we still had to pay some in the off season. Then we had to sit through a sales promotion and they where very grumpy when we did not purchase a time share. Won’t enter again with Wyndham.

  87. says:

    Hi everyone, I’ve only been entering comps for a couple of weeks and I just got an email informing me I’ve won a $200 clothing voucher, yay!
    For anyone who is struggling with 25wol answers, here is my winning answer :)
    Q: what is your favorite Colour to wear and why?
    A: To ask me to choose one Colour to wear is really just not fair. when I’m feeling down I dress dull and drab, and I like to wear bright colors when I’m feeling fab. When I feel confident it has to be white, and when I feel fat it’s black and not too tight!

  88. sonia1007 says:

    Hi everyone
    No win comment from me. Have been comping for a while and still no rewards. Reading all the comments is giving me hope though. Wish me luck!  

  89. mustanggramps says:

    do the surveys really pay??? win.

  90. mustanggramps says:

    Me to getting discouraged , some funny looking sites like scratchies does it install software? what’s the best games or comps to enter thanks.

  91. nesterbakes says:

    I was just informed that I won a 5 peice Jamie Oliver cookwear set worth $849. Looking forward to seeing the shiny little things.

  92. tandykins says:

    Yesterday I won a Nerf Fire Vision prize through Essential Baby.
    Today I won the Zimmies Giveaway through HipLittleOnes

  93. Wel0024 says:

    I had the best win in the world…
    nothing, I’m starting to believe I’m a bad luck charm. I’m sure ill win something. 

  94. nesterbakes says:

    It was about 3 months ago but I forgot to post, we got a family pass to the reptile park. Perfect timing we had family from America staying with us they loved it.

  95. tandykins says:

    I won a $500 wardrobe from Yummie Tummie!

  96. SHABBY says:

    FUTURE MUSIC FESTIVAL TICKETS with V Energy drink worth:$320

  97. mshore82 says:

    Got a letter in the mail on Tuesday, the start of my working week…. Was going to throw it out as I thought it was junk until I saw what looked like a picture inside.
    Turns out I had won 2 movie tickets thanks to Who magazine to Gangster Squad!!
    So stoked :)

  98. DisneyFavourite says:

    I just found out I won a garden care pack.  I was sooooo excited as my garden is in dire need of some help!

  99. luckyclover28 says:

    has anyone won a holiday? I have been trying & trying!! Any tips for 25 wol from winners? 

  100. Mythica says:

    Had a phone call about an hour ago saying i’d won an iPad mini, so excited!  It’s my biggest win for a while,  I didn’t think i’d win either.  We had to submit a photo of pistachios ‘partying’ and there were quite a few good entries.  Super stoked!

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