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Advertise A Competition

As you have probably already noticed Win Free Stuff lists a lot of competitions. 

Give your competition every chance of being noticed, with a cost effective “Cost per Click” featured listing.


Featured Competitions

A Featured Competition is listed above the regular competitions in each Category it is listed, resulting in much more exposure.

This premium placement can mean up to 20 times more clicks for a Featured Competition over a Regular Competition.

Featured Competitions are based on a CPC model, so you only pay for the performance delivered.

Details of the costs are as follows:

  • Cost Per Click – $0.50
  • Minimum Deposit is $1,000 (e.g. $1,000 = 2000 clicks)
  • For purchases $3,000 or greater, a bonus 30% clicks will be credited to the account

If funds are not exhausted at the end of the competition, the remaining funds can either be refunded or credited to a future campaign.

(NOTE: 30% bonus clicks cannot be refunded, but can be credited to a future campaign, however if normal funds are refunded the 30% bonus will be recalculated to reflect the spend, bonuses can never be withdrawn.)


Australian Competitions Newsletter

For immediate results your competition can be emailed to our Australian Competitions Newsletter subscriber database.

As of August 2011 the database contained:

  • 80,000 Double Opt-in Subscribers

Email to the database is $1,500.


Site Statistics of Win Free Stuff

To help you understand the value Win Free Stuff could add to the promotion of your competition here are some stats of Win Free Stuff for the month of August 2011:

  • Visitors – 87,000
  • Unique Visitors – 53,000
  • Pageviews – 400,000


If you’re interested in having your competition advertised with Win Free Stuff, then please use the form on the Contact Win Free Stuff page to enquire further.

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